Thursday, June 4, 2009

Three Old School VW Buses

Can you see me?

I had forgotten these picture. I like the "old school" VWs. I owned a 1969 Super Beetle, with lots of regrets I sold it. I should keep my eyes open for another one. I have a child who will be driving soon. A convertible or a rag top would be cool. Better still a VW Thing! Taken in the fall of 2006 near Park City, Utah with a Nikon D200. The first time I could get out and shoot with one. I liked it so much I bought one.


holdingmoments said...

Great old motors these Dave.
Remind me of the sixties!

Jen said...

wow, you have quite a bit of gear. I'm jealous. :)

Your photos are very good. Great, actually.

I like VW - great fun to drive. Imagine seeing three old buses next to each other - great shot!

vw bus said...

wonderful bus love it