Monday, June 7, 2010

Wild Flowers III

These are the last of the wild flowers from my yard. The white flower is the size of a dime or small button. The more colorful flowers are small in stature while blue/violet ones grow tall. It is as if they want to hog the spot (sun) light. I have been unable to get a good shot of the red and yellow flowers so far. I did plant some daisy that will grow tall and give a new color to the flower bed. They will be late summer blooms, however.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Wild Flowers II

The yellow flowers are this years surprise. There is a small bunch, five or six stocks, in the flowerbed. Yesterday, I was admiring them before work and thought I get my camera out at take a photograph when I get home. When I got home they were gone! Like the little blue/violet flowers I posted earlier, these folded up and went to bed. I first thought someone had come and cut them than realized they close up at night. I have three types of flowers that do this and I don't know the names of any of them. I should have keep the package! Duh!! If any one knows the type, name, species please let me know. Shot using a 105mm macro lens with my D200. Some color and levels corrections done for enhancement. ISO 200, f/10, 1/200 sec.

Wild Flowers

It's hard to believe these flowers are about the size of a nickel. Last year, I planted a package of wild flower seeds. The results have been very pleasant. Most of the flowers are of the verity I have photographed. I have no idea what kind they are. The flowers grow to two and a half feet to three feet. At night or early evening they close up to little buds. It is like they have been put to bed. They are a beautiful shade of blue and violet, some are a pale blue almost white. Shot using a 105mm macro lens with some levels adjustment.