Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Portraits With A Medium Format Camera

Here are three photographs take with a medium format camera, the Pentax 645. It is awesome for portraits and landscape shooting. I am amazed at the depth of field you can get with this camera! Some of my pictures didn't turn out well because the depth of field was so shallow. I kept it a sharp focus on the eyes and let it go from there. It crazy to go from an APSC sensor, my Nikon, to medium format of the Pentax. To be really good with the camera, I'll need to spend more time with it. Pentax has the best price and great quality for any of the medium format camera. Check it it out! I'll bet you will like it too. I wouldn't mind having one myself.

Laundry Room

 New and old together!
Any one want to be the "Iron" from Monopoly?
Out at Garr's Ranch on Antelope Island, you can tour the farm house, barns and grounds. It was a working farm up until the 1960's, I think.  It gives use a glimpse of what ranch life was about. It has new (to the time period) but old (to us now) modern conveniences. You can see some of what I mean in the above pictures. Oh, I love the modern washer and dryer! My wife wishes I would do more of the laundry!

No Mr. Ed

While visiting Antelope Island with some friends, we went to Garr's Ranch. There are lots of things to photograph in and around the ranch. The horses are in a pen just north east of the house.
Just has I was about to snap the trigger on the camera, this horse moved! It shook its head to move off the flies and other pests, but looks as though it is talking like Mr. Ed. (Mr. Ed is an old black and white TV show. It was before my time too!)  He might be saying "Hey no pictures! " , "Stupid paparazzi!" or "Do you have an apple?"

Black-eyed Susan

One of my favorite flowers. I hope they grow back next year. I have a hard time growing anything but weeds! Good thing I understand depth of field, this way I can share the beauty found in my flower garden not my the lack of work.