Monday, May 6, 2013

For Your Safety

Reading these signs make you think. As twisted as we are, photographers, we wanted to do something funny. Safety is no laughing matter.  Do not play on or around train tracks. No trains or humans were harmed during this photograph.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Go Black And White

These shots are taken in the city of Murray. I wanted to get some urban landscapes, so I made some arrangements to go shooting with some co-workers after work. One of the areas we wanted to go was not accessible. We found this spot and spent an hour capturing photos as the sun went down. I had not loaded my pictures or looked at them for several days. Rachel, co-worker, had already posted some to her facebook page and offered to show them to me. She had taken a few and converted them to black and white with a boost of contrast. They looked great! I knew I would have to go black and white. Thanks Rachel for the idea and the company. A big thanks to Kathy too, for the use of her tri-pod. These shots would not have been possible with out it! Ladies thanks for sharing your photos. Lets go again.