Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Model Planes: The Crash

They say any crash you can walk away from is a good thing! I'll bet money this does not apply to model planes. Think of the number of hours it takes to assemble a kit, painting etc... all to lose it in the last few seconds of a flight. I've been told the hardest thing to master while flying models is always the landing. I can see why! It could have been worse! A broken prop and busted landing gear is at least fixable. Better luck next time friend. I be honest, I'd like to be around when there is a big crash with camera and telephoto lens at the ready!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Model Planes

While out taking pictures, I passed a model plane "airport" off of Gentile street in Syracuse. I have gone there before but didn't always have any power left in my camera. This time I had both power and a great telephoto lens to use. I used the Tamron 150-600mm. It works very well, even with the quick movements the pilots give to their planes. All of them are amazing to watch! Here are a few shot of a pilot by the name of Z-Man! This plane is larger than you might expect and powerful for its size. Think of your gas powered weed trimmer on something the size of a coffee table. If you get the chance stop by and visit the pilots are a friendly bunch. Thanks Z-Man. More to come later, including a crash!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Portraits With A Medium Format Camera

Here are three photographs take with a medium format camera, the Pentax 645. It is awesome for portraits and landscape shooting. I am amazed at the depth of field you can get with this camera! Some of my pictures didn't turn out well because the depth of field was so shallow. I kept it a sharp focus on the eyes and let it go from there. It crazy to go from an APSC sensor, my Nikon, to medium format of the Pentax. To be really good with the camera, I'll need to spend more time with it. Pentax has the best price and great quality for any of the medium format camera. Check it it out! I'll bet you will like it too. I wouldn't mind having one myself.

Laundry Room

 New and old together!
Any one want to be the "Iron" from Monopoly?
Out at Garr's Ranch on Antelope Island, you can tour the farm house, barns and grounds. It was a working farm up until the 1960's, I think.  It gives use a glimpse of what ranch life was about. It has new (to the time period) but old (to us now) modern conveniences. You can see some of what I mean in the above pictures. Oh, I love the modern washer and dryer! My wife wishes I would do more of the laundry!

No Mr. Ed

While visiting Antelope Island with some friends, we went to Garr's Ranch. There are lots of things to photograph in and around the ranch. The horses are in a pen just north east of the house.
Just has I was about to snap the trigger on the camera, this horse moved! It shook its head to move off the flies and other pests, but looks as though it is talking like Mr. Ed. (Mr. Ed is an old black and white TV show. It was before my time too!)  He might be saying "Hey no pictures! " , "Stupid paparazzi!" or "Do you have an apple?"

Black-eyed Susan

One of my favorite flowers. I hope they grow back next year. I have a hard time growing anything but weeds! Good thing I understand depth of field, this way I can share the beauty found in my flower garden not my the lack of work.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Wild Flowers In Albion Basin

 Wild daises in bloom, some of my favorite flowers. There are others but not quite ready to share with all of us who visited the area. More in a week or two!
 Sharee, a co-worker, taking a minute to snap the beautiful flowers that were present in the Albion Basin of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Beautiful mountain valley flowers.
I love the silky effect you get when you photograph water with a slow shutter speed. Often times you need a neutral density filter too. These pictures are taken with an Olympus Stylus 1 point and shoot camera. It is an amazing camera. It has a built in ND filter which helped me get the above water picture. I should have used it for the flower pictures also, but I forgot about this feature until I came to the water. There are tons of other modes both automatic and manual in it. I liked the ease of the camera in its manual settings. It was not hard to figure out or change on the fly. It is a camera anyone who likes to take control of  a camera (like a DSLR) but have it be small. I used both the LCD screen and the eye piece throughout the hike. If you want a great point and shoot camera that is easy to use with an eye piece, tilt-able LCD screen, and fast response time, give this one a try. I have been recommending it for awhile now. I may have to get one for myself too.
It was a enjoyable hike and one I will do again soon. Thanks Sharee for the suggestions and invitation to get out and see the grand views. I look forward to another hike. We had a good time in spite of the sore muscles!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Flying High

Meet Matte! Flying high at the skate park is what he does to relax and unwind. Matte was nice enough to let me photograph him doing some stylized stunts. I find this type of riding scary and crazy, but very cool! I am just as crazy for putting myself down in the bowl, sitting or lying down to get the best shot. I had a borrowed camera, the Olympus E-M1 and a 12-40mm f/2.8 lens. It worked out awesome. Great speed, easy enough to use and small. Beats lugging my big camera! About half the size. Thanks Matte, I hope you like the pictures.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Parking Brake Needed!

A little Hummer tour on Hell's Revenge, in the mountains East of Moab, Utah. Our driver's name is "Woody" ask for him at the Moab Tour Company. Who needs a roller coaster when you have red rocks and an open top off road vehicle! Thrills and giggles had by everyone. Thanks for keeping us safe and letting us have a good time Woody. Be sure to have the breaks checked too!

Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch is in Canyonlands National Park, Southern Utah. Beautiful country to visit. Put it on your bucket list if you have not done so already. It is a landscape photographer paradise! I have others to post from my trip there so stay tuned.

BIG Splash!

A great way to cool off this summer, give it a try! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

VW Graveyard


I don't know if I should cry or rejoice!? Oh, what a beautiful place and so much potential. The stories that can be told from each car. Lets pick one and fix it up! I must be a hippie at heart!! I wish the owner was around I wanted to go inside the yard so bad. It was posted and I wanted to be respectful to the owner and the cars. We will meet again my friends.


 Miss Morgan's expression is hilarious, each time!
 Second try.
Third times is not the charm.
Morgan is a great sport. We did this on purpose a few time to see the shapes created by the balloon. Each one is different. I thought it would pop when it hit the ground, but we got lucky.

Before And After With Water Balloons

 Before Miss Emily gets hit!
 Before Miss Morgan meets a water balloon!
Special thanks to my children and the kids from the neighborhood. We found a way to cool down now that school is out. Enjoy the summer friends!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Glamour Shots I

 A kiss for someone special!
Chrisite, Black & White
Make-up by Tony Acevedo
Some of the ladies I work with and I decided to do a photo shoot together. The idea, a glamour shoot. Get some models, have their make-up and hair done. What could be better? This is not my favorite type of photography but it is good to try new things . Who wouldn't want to be inside with pretty girls on a cold winters night? What do you think? Should I keep trying or stick with what I normally do? My thanks to Christie for her patience with us. She is a beautiful young woman and a great photographer also!

Glamour Shots II

Make-up by Tony Acevedo
My thanks to Amanda for coming to our little glamour shoot. She is a beautiful young woman and a good sport. She put up with a lot from all of us. My thanks to Crystal and Lisa for the idea, the pretty friends, and help. Lets do it again.