Monday, July 14, 2014

Wild Flowers In Albion Basin

 Wild daises in bloom, some of my favorite flowers. There are others but not quite ready to share with all of us who visited the area. More in a week or two!
 Sharee, a co-worker, taking a minute to snap the beautiful flowers that were present in the Albion Basin of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Beautiful mountain valley flowers.
I love the silky effect you get when you photograph water with a slow shutter speed. Often times you need a neutral density filter too. These pictures are taken with an Olympus Stylus 1 point and shoot camera. It is an amazing camera. It has a built in ND filter which helped me get the above water picture. I should have used it for the flower pictures also, but I forgot about this feature until I came to the water. There are tons of other modes both automatic and manual in it. I liked the ease of the camera in its manual settings. It was not hard to figure out or change on the fly. It is a camera anyone who likes to take control of  a camera (like a DSLR) but have it be small. I used both the LCD screen and the eye piece throughout the hike. If you want a great point and shoot camera that is easy to use with an eye piece, tilt-able LCD screen, and fast response time, give this one a try. I have been recommending it for awhile now. I may have to get one for myself too.
It was a enjoyable hike and one I will do again soon. Thanks Sharee for the suggestions and invitation to get out and see the grand views. I look forward to another hike. We had a good time in spite of the sore muscles!

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