Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Balloons at Antelope Island

Early in the morning, I went and waited for the balloons to rise on Antelope Island (September 2007). I was surprised at how quickly a balloon could be inflated. I was asked to help hold a balloon down so it could be tied and I happened to be in the right place to see the sun peek around the balloon next to me as it lifted off the ground. This picture hangs in my home. D200, 18-55 lens.

The North End Of The Great Salt Lake

Taking a Saturday off, I took the time to go to the Northern end of Utah. The road to the Spiral Jetty is a dusty one and a rough going just before getting to the jetty. If you are going there you may have to get out and walk. The water was very low, not so uncommon lately. I remember the news announcing the visibility of the Spiral Jetty and the a fly-over picture from the news chopper many years ago. I have lived in Utah most of my life and just this month took the time to see it for myself. Many of the pictures I have seen of the jetty show it as white. The "white coloring" is salt crystals attached to the lava rock used to create it. D200, f16,1/60 sec.,ISO 125, with some editing.

Amusement Park Rides

One night after work, I meet my family at the amusement park. My children enjoy the rides that make their heads spin, however, I do not. Not wanting to be spoil sport, I brought my camera and tripod to capture moments of sickening fun. Using a D50 with an 18-55 lens I was able to explain my dislike for amusement park ride with these pictures. Shutter speed for each picture is 1/6 of a second, and one second.