Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Balloons at Antelope Island

Early in the morning, I went and waited for the balloons to rise on Antelope Island (September 2007). I was surprised at how quickly a balloon could be inflated. I was asked to help hold a balloon down so it could be tied and I happened to be in the right place to see the sun peek around the balloon next to me as it lifted off the ground. This picture hangs in my home. D200, 18-55 lens.


Nina said...

oh, I love pictures! I'm painter(it's my hobby - for really).The message that the images pass to us is such a magic, i don't know, it's a mistery from God!LOL..
wonderfull your post!
by the way, i'm brazilian.

David Foote said...

Nina, I'm sure you can get inspration from my pictures or many of the other blog sites you may visit. I too, have done a little painting, watercolor if my favorite. Enjoy!