Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Costume

When you say or do something silly your friends and co-workers go to great lengths to make sure you don't forget it. It gets worse if there is a camera close at hand. On Halloween, however, if one is willing to let loose and be creative, we can be a source of joy and laughter. We usually dress up for Halloween at work. This year I was the old man from the movie UP. I don't look so bad with gray hair. My hope is to keep my hair even if it is gray.

To Funny Not To Share

Somethings are just to funny not to share. Like this picture taken by my co-worker Crystal. If you know me at all this picture is really funny. Besides being a Nikon guy, the other thing that makes this funny is that it was shot with the camera on her phone, not a Canon. This tomb stone was a part of the decorations out side of the store I work at. There were other cleaver sayings, but this one gave me a photo op I could not pass up. Thank you Crystal for your help.