Saturday, December 26, 2009

Color or Black and White Snow

This fair weather photographer has stepped out again to capture a winter scene. While driving back from my children's school I noticed the fog rolling over the farmland near our home. I went home picked up my camera and went back out. In my slippers! Every thing was fine until I started back for the truck, a slipper fell off! The snow wasn't just cold, it was cold and icy. It felt like I was walking on glass. Thank goodness the heater works well in the truck, I turned it up full blast and onto my feet.
I like the way the fog shows up in the black and white. There are some nice contrasts in the snow as well. When I look at the color picture, with its blue snow, I think its a bit off. Everyone knows colored snow is yellow and we don't eat it! Not blue! The Outdoor Photographer magazine just came, and an article on the cover says "Go B&W In Winter". For this post I thought I would, in honor of the magazine article I will soon enjoy reading. Bundle up, keep warm, and for goodness sake put your boots on if your going out in the snow.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crazy Christmas Tree Lights

Take a chance and do something different! I used a telephoto lens, mono pod (tripod will work better), and a slow shutter speed to capture these pictures. During the exposure time I turned the barrel of the lens. I went from 70mm to 200mm and then a 200mm to 70mm. There has been some levels correction, cropping, and smugging done to the edges of each picture. Fun and different for a Christmas tree. Give it a try!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Most Precious Gift Of All

I love to give gifts and get them too! The older I get, the more I reflect on the little things that cost very little or nothing at all. Spending time with my family and friends playing games, talking or enjoying the beauty of nature together are memories worth millions to me. At Christmas time and the coming of a new year I look back and see just how lucky I am. We all reflect on our lives this time of year. (And on our birthdays.) Some of us will make goals to do things different and or better than we've done this last year. No matter your faith, or religious belief there is more we can can do to help one another. A kind word, and smile can change the world. I share this picture with you, with the hope you will remember and understand the most precious gift of all was given because of love. May God's choicest blessing be given to you and your loved ones for years to come. Merry Christmas my blog friend.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Ornaments

I used a Nikon 55-200mm lens, ISO 200, Aperture Priority, f/29, 9 sec., on a tripod. Notice the flare in the light,in the above picture. A long exposures with a large f-stop number will produce this effect. I was trying to get this effect when I realized, I have a filter that will help me produce this same effect. A cross filter. A little something from my bag of tricks. It is the first time I have used this filter. I bought it a few months back to use at Christmas and at night. I still need to get out at night to use it, but what a difference. In the picture below, I used a Sigma 18-50mm lens, ISO 200, Aperture Priority, f/7.1, 1 sec., on a tripod. If you have not used a cross filter before, put it to your Christmas list. It is not expensive and can be lots of fun. Happy shooting every one!