Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crazy Christmas Tree Lights

Take a chance and do something different! I used a telephoto lens, mono pod (tripod will work better), and a slow shutter speed to capture these pictures. During the exposure time I turned the barrel of the lens. I went from 70mm to 200mm and then a 200mm to 70mm. There has been some levels correction, cropping, and smugging done to the edges of each picture. Fun and different for a Christmas tree. Give it a try!


holdingmoments said...

A great effect David.

Woody said...

Very Kewl! I would not have guessed you zoomed to get this effect.

The Wanna Be Photographer said...

Those are super cool. I haven't seen any other photos like it this Christmas Season.

Hey...I thought you said you were a fair weather photographer. I guess once you got out in the cold a little while ago you changed your tune. That's good because then we can see some of your new photos all year long.

Oh, when I see you I will tell you the hand injury story. I may add ninjas and an explosion just for drama. But smile and prtend I am telling the real story. Hopefully in a week or so I can get out and take more photos.

Keep up the awesome work!

Ashley said...

Wow, I love this effect! I will have to try it out sometime. Happy Holidays!

Gardendiggers said...

Wow. I love experiments :-)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!