Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Heel Clicker @ SLMX

Flyin' Dirt

Today, I meet a young man who could do a trick. He makes the Heel Clicker look so easy! It was awesome! One day I hope to catch a freestyle competition and all the tricks. I can't name all the tricks, but I can do them!...on the Xbox!


Just Jame said...

i really like the first picture with the mountains in the background. great shot!

Stephen Baird said...

See ... look at these photos you posted. I have never been able to do this but I would drive to Utah on a weekend from Nevada when I would be there to get a shot at this stuff. Excelent!
I posted a response to your comments on my blog.
NikonSniper Steve

holdingmoments said...

Great captures David.
Looks a lot of fun too.

Minnette said...

Love the first and last shot, these guys are crazy! Great shots!

Melissa Papaj Photography said...

I really like the first shot David!