Thursday, May 12, 2011

Water Drop

Here is another shot from the Nikon weekend. A flag was used as a back drop that reflected into the water. It took a little timing and luck but I was able to capture a keeper. Nikon had set up five stations, each one was very simple and cost less than $25 to make. You can get away with just two of them. A black background and white background. They are made of stiff foam core boards. I will have to photograph the set up, so you can see how easy it is to reproduce. I have the supplies at home and I'll bet you do as well. The possibilities for backdrops with colored or patterned paper is endless.


Woody said...

Neat shot, looking forward to a photo of the setup.

I use the white and black foam board all the time, it's great stuff. I also bought a square-yard of black fabric and it works well, too.

darlin said...

David this is an amazing photo, I love it! Which type of a lens did you use? And I'll be watching for your post about backdrops. :-)

Have a fantastic weekend!

Christine said...

Amazing picture, David! The back drop makes it look awesome!

Scott said...

Great capture Dave.

David said...

Thanks, Darlin. I used an 85mm macro from Nikon.

The background does make it look awesome. Do you have any other ideas for a background?

Scott, thanks.

darlin said...

David when I'm looking for inspiration for backgrounds I go down to my local fabric shop and check in their discount bins. I generally find something... speaking of which I haven't made time to do that in a while now, I think that sometime this week I'll go and check it out! Enjoy your day.