Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Miners Shack

Shot in Park City, Utah. Hard to believe, there is still snow on the ground!


darlin said...

Thank you for this photo, it keeps me in perspective. I own a small house and sometimes think of moving to something a wee bit bigger... WHY? I have two floors, one very large master bedroom, an office and full bath upstairs and that's more than this entire humble abode. I'm not moving anywhere!

When did you take this photo? And forgive me for asking but is this in the mountains? I can't believe that there's still snow the last day in May, that's unreal!

Have a great week David.

David said...

The photo was taken at the first of the May. It is in the mountains, per say, because know it is a town or city of ski shacks. Park City has several old home that were once owned by miners or the mining companies. Now, $$$$$ expensive and exclusive real estate for those who like to ski and rub elbows with movie stars, that come for the Sundance Film Festival. Some of the Olympics were held there also. The shack is about 10X10 or 10X12 in size. I believe you have more room than they did. Thanks for visiting.

darlin said...

Everything is becoming so commercialized these days, it's so sad to see but it's our reality. I suppose if I had to live in a 10 x 12 shack I could do it, as long as I was happy I'm sure I could live anywhere... for a while anyways. :-)