Monday, May 16, 2011

It's All About U, Or Y!

I find it funny how we see different thinks in the same picture. Is it the letter U or a Y? For locals here in Utah, it may-be defined by the school you attend or root for, the University of Utah or Brigham Young University! What ever the case may-be, things old, rusty, or weathered make great subjects to photograph, don't you think? Keep your eyes open and camera handy you never know what you may see!


darlin said...

David it's not about U or Y it's all about ME! LOL just kidding naturally!

I agree, old rusty things make magnificent photos. Can you just imagine the work put into this whereas today we run down to our local hardware store and purchase something which will undoubtedly last a fraction of the time and need replacing.

I love the photo!

Enjoy your day!

The Wanna Be Photographer said...

It does make for a nice subject to photograph....and I see a "U" I would never see a "Y" Go Utes!

Christine said...

It's definitely a U :)