Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Night Shots At The Amusement Park II

As you enter the amusement park you will see this water fountain. It is one of several. Kids of all ages (18 - 80 year old adults) are running through the water. Some to cool off, others to try and win a bet! As I went in I made a mental note, to stop and photograph this area before I left. It was about 10pm and the park would soon be closing and still there are people playing in the water. Who wants to grow-up? Music plays with the timing of the fountain and bursts of water. At night it is lite up. White, green, yellow, and blue lights give the viewer or participant a little show. Each picture is shot using manual mode and long exposures. Top - f/11, 2 sec., ISO 250. Middle - f/13, 4 sec., ISO 250. Bottom - f/13, 4 sec., ISO 250.


Joanna Durczok said...

Nice colours - it is creatingg a kind of a triptych.

Rebecca said...

Very very pretty. I like the 1st one with the man adding interest to the shot.

holdingmoments said...

Interesting set David.
Looks a lot of fun on a hot night!
I like the first one too.

Just Jame said...

these are really cool, love the fireworks too