Thursday, July 8, 2010


This shot comes from the east bench, looking west down into the city of Kaysville. They put on a nice show. Thought it was faint, we could hear the announcer, and music from our vantage point.
I could not get my remote trigger to work so there is a little wiggle in the picture do to my heavy finger. This was the best of the bunch. I am happy with it, but glad another city would be shooting off fireworks on Monday night.
I like firework shots that have something in them besides the burst. Some of the best ones I have seen have been of the US Capital or other major landmark. Think of the New Years celebrations around the world as you watch the news coverage. The Statue Of Liberty, New York, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France or the Opera House in Sydney, Australia. They look great all lit up by pyrotechnics. I don't live close to any of those spots so I work with what I've got.

These are from Monday night. My wife and girls are in the back of the truck enjoying the view. Three to four thousand vehicles (I really don't know the amount!) parked in an old shopping plaza to jockey for the best view. One might think two hours before the event would be enough time to get a great spot. WRONG! It wasn't bad but not the best.
For these pictures I used the rear-curtain sync to illuminate the truck and the back of the girl's heads. It worked out much better than I thought it would. I even reduced the flash out put. The top picture has the firework burst very sharp and my girls slightly out of focus. The bottom picture is opposite. I think both look good, but I can do better. I have one more chance to get them both sharp on July 24th when Utah celebrates Pioneer Days.


holdingmoments said...

These are excellent David.
I especially like the two showing your family watching the display. A great angle.
Of the two, personal choice only, my favourite is the second. Both excellent though.

Anonymous said...

Oh, these are fabulous - I love how there is more in your frame that just the fireworks.

We were up close and personal at a show this year, even with the wide angle (11-16) I could only get the sky in the frame.
Next year! LOL!

Excellent job!
p.s. Happy 4th!

The Wanna Be Photographer said...

WOW! David these are fantastic firework shots....truly they are very very good.

Rebecca said...

Best blogger firework photos I've seen this year! Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

GREAT job, David!!

Hillary said...

Cool shots!