Sunday, July 25, 2010

Green And Red Canoes

Summertime is passing by too quickly! These are just a few pictures from a day trip I took with my family. I want to go again. Image what this place would look like in the early morning hours. I will have to go by myself, the family is not willing to get up early for the drive.
More pictures of the red canoe will be posted later. I spent about 20 minutes photographing the canoe while the owner was "wooing" his date with wine and cheese! I didn't ask his permission because I didn't want to interrupt. It was just like the movies! Beautiful scenery, romance, and a canoe. To be honest, I almost started laughing when I saw the wine glasses and wine come out of the bag. I thought what next, cheese. Out it came! I am not the only one who has seen too many "chic flicks"! I do wish them luck.


holdingmoments said...

Aaaaaa, and who said romance is dead lol
Hope they get on well together ;)

The pictures.....couple of great shots, but the red canoe is a beauty.

judy said...

Hi David!
I just love these two photos. The red canoe is really something. How fortunate you go to see the canoes.

Anonymous said...

mmm! wine, cheese, a canoe, and look at that lake and sky! what a lucky gal she was...

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Costea Andrea Mihai said...

hello! beautiful images i see on your blog!! congratulations!!

Rebecca said...

Awww so cute.