Sunday, November 29, 2009

Out Of My Comfort Zone

Aperture Priority Mode, f/22, 1/4 sec. with a tripod of course, ISO 100.

I have stated before that I am a fair weather photographer. I made that same statement in a class I was teaching and was strongly encouraged by a student (Lea) to get out and shoot. She loves the winter time. She has taken some great pictures of her family playing in the snow.
I am not a big fan of the cold or snow. Really, its a coat issue. I have not yet found a warm coat that fits well. I am a BIG guy, that is code for fat, and I may need a tent! I would rather spend the money on a lens than a coat. Can you blame me!
To make a long story short, I went out and shot this picture. It had recently snowed and was very cold. This is a beaver pond I have photographed before. The water has a frozen layer of ice on top of it and about one to two inches of snow around it. The picture I really wanted could only be captured if I was willing to walk across the tall grass and snow. This area usually has water flowing through it and I would not have risked it. Once I reached the spot I had picked I realized it would be best taken from a low angle, meaning I have to lay in the snow to get the shot. After getting myself up and back to the truck, I turned the heater on full blast to warm up.
The next week when I saw this student again, I told her what I had done. With a big smile, she congratulated me for getting out of my comfort zone and gave me a high five! I still call myself a fair weather photographer but I am willing to go out and try it again, if I can jump into the truck and turn on the heater full blast!


holdingmoments said...

I'd say that was well worth braving the elements for David.
You've captured the beauty and tranquillity of the lake.

Rebecca said...

That photo was so worth it! I can relate...I much rather buy a lens than just about anything but somehow I can convince my husband that a lens is a necessity.

Woody said...

Wait. You live in Utah and you don't like cold or snow? Say what??!!

I hate big, bulky outerwear. From riding motorcycles, I have found a few rally good garments that are both warm and lightweight. I would rather spend the $$ on photography gear, but I don't want to be stuck in the house either.

Glad to see you got outside your comfort zone. This is an exceptional shot and worth the effort!

Emily said...

Very Cool. You may have been cold but the picture was worth it! Great job.

Karie said...

As usual pictures are fabulous, and hey, you can ALWAYS move back here, we almost NEVER get any real cold weather. :o)