Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys!

Boys, no matter what their age, enjoy playing in the mud! Little boys, age two to five, use there feet, hands, and sometimes a small beach shovel. We make mud cakes, mud holes for burying our matchbox cars, and lets not forget the ever so tasty mud shake. The mud cakes we throw at anything or anyone who get close enough for us to hit! The tasty mud shake we invite mom to drink, who with grateful enthusiasm says thanks and yum, yum, yum before handing it back to us. Never being satisfied with that, I poured it on a siblings head! And lets face it little boys will bury anything, car keys, kitchen spoons, toys and of course Barbie up to her neck!

Boys from the age of six to 12 will create BIG mud holes to push there friends into or see who can jump over it with out getting muddy. The best of course is when we get out our bikes and make a ramp to fly over or into it! A mothers worst fear is finding her boys out in the yard in their Sunday best. My brother would stand at the edge of a mud or water puddle and I would throw something into it and watch the dirty water splash all over him. Oh, what fond memories.

Boys from the age of 14 to 99 still like to play in the mud. At this age its more about the items we use to play in the mud with. Four wheelers, motorcycles, cars, jeeps and trucks all work really well. Sometimes we get dirty or just the vehicle. If we get dirty we hose off before coming into the house. If the truck is muddy we leave it until five or six of our buddies have seen it. We like to brag a little! Boys will be boys!


HBFG said...

Cool! It's fun to do that, but it's not so much fun to clean the truck after that... ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

holdingmoments said...

Boys will be boys the world over lol
Love this post David, and great action shots to accompany it.
Something magical about mud ;)

Rebecca said...

Wow, great capture! Reminds me of my boy when he was little and the times he came in the house black from dirt.