Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Horizontal and Vertical

Shooting a subject both horizontally and vertically can give two distinctive looks. For the most part, we all shoot our pictures in the horizontal fashion. What a change or fresh look? Shoot it vertical! It sounds so simple. It is simple, yet photographers of all skill levels forget that simple things often make a photograph worth while. We can get so caught up with the settings of the camera, what lens to use, etc... that the simple act of rotating the camera to a vertical position does not come to mind.
I took eight shots of this tree stump horizontally and only two vertically. The horizontal pictures look so much the same, however, both vertical pictures are visually different from each other and the group of shots. Each picture tells a different story. What do you see?
I try to learn something or practices a different technique as I take pictures. There is so much to learn in photography. It will be a life long challenge. Fun and rewarding, frustrating and disappointing all in the same afternoon. The simple steps are often the most frustrating! Forget to change the ISO? Whitebalance? Or bring a CPL filter?
Rotating the camera to a vertical position to take a picture can reveal a new perspective through the view finder. A simple reward and a challenge! Will I shoot as many vertical pictures as I do horizontal? Are you up to the challenge?
D200, Sigma 18-50 f/2.8 lens, f/13, 1/20 of a sec., ISO 100. Used a tripod and the timer function, because I forgot the cable trigger! This is on the Great Salt Lake, just off the road heading towards Antelope Island.


holdingmoments said...

The vertical for me David.
I think the clouds make a big difference to the picture in that one.

MaCoBra said...

both are nice to me, but I prefere the one on the top..

Marka said...

I like both photos! Vertical or horizontal, with slightly different compositions, it depends what you were trying to show and draw focus to.

Mark A. Moeller said...

HMMM!.. those images look strangely familiar ;D

The Wanna Be Photographer said...

I'm with Holding Moments. i too like the verticle verison and the clouds. Thanks for directing me to your blog.

The Wanna Be Photographer said...

I'm with Holdingmoments. I like the verticle one and agree that the clouds really add to the shot. Nice choice in composition. Thanks for directing me to your blog. I'll be checking in.