Friday, August 23, 2013

Amusement Park At Night

 The Ferris Wheel, the Parachute (in movement), the Drag Strip and the Catapult rides are all at the north end of the amusement park.
 The next two pictures are of a new ride called Air Race. When I first saw it all I could think about was how awesome it would look at night as a long exposure shot. I scouted a few areas while my family was in line for a ride.
 Air Race, behind the control tower.
 I have giving up riding most of the rides. This one makes me sick just looking at it!
 Rock-O-Plane, before the spin!


 These three are of a rather exhilarating ride call the Sky Coaster. The top photo is of three young ladies whom I know. The pop up flash on the camera  was used to help stop their movement and emulate them. I was pleasantly surprised that I could time it so well. The bottom right picture helps show the scale of the ride. You get a four to five second free fall before swinging like Super Man through the air. I had more fun capturing pictures than I did riding rides. Crazy I know.

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Davine said...

Fabulous shots - Love them.