Monday, July 29, 2013

A Little HDR

The following pictures were taken with a Pentax MX-1. It is a retro looking digital point and shoot camera, at first glance I was not impressed with it. It is very different from what I typically use and I was more critical about it the first time I looked it over. Now, after having shot with it for a few hours, I find it to be a very good camera with some great features. Its not an DSLR but you can do some manual exposures as well as use all the easy auto features. In camera HDR (High Dynamic Range) was one feature I enjoyed and was impressed with. Here are seven pictures taken in HDR with only the text added. Let me know what you think.
 Shelter from the storm.
 White Rock Bay on Antelope Island.
 The marina at Antelope Island. Horizontal
The marina at Antelope Island. Vertical
 Looking West from the marina, Antelope Island.
 Sunset power.
Charged sky.


Davine said...

Good shots David thanks for sharing. I get so much inspiration from your photos.

Julie Hargreaves said...

Great photos thanks for sharing