Sunday, July 3, 2011


If you look closely, there are two rainbows. This was quite the surprise and a lucky shot. Mom and I had gone out to Antelope Island to capture lighting bolts. We hand our fingers crossed. While waiting for the rain to lighten up and lighting to jolt through the sky we sat in the truck talking about the fun we've been having shooting pictures together. I decided to step out of the truck and start setting up a tripod and get ready for the sunset. By now we could tell there would be no lighting. To my delight, behind us was this incredible double rainbow in the light of the setting sun. The top picture is what I saw. As mom turned to get out of the truck, she could see the rainbow cover most of the island. I quickly changed to a fish-eye lens to capture the wide view you see in the bottom picture. There has been some edits to clean things up and try to flatten out the curve created by the fish-eye lens. I hope you enjoy the beauty of the rainbows! We did.


Scott said...

Great job on getting those rainbows. Love the lighting on the ground too.

darlin said...

David these are fantastic shots! Maybe next time you'll get the lightening, today it just wasn't meant to be.

Have a wonderful week!

Hope said...

beautiful captures of the rainbows.. wow..