Monday, July 4, 2011

Find The Foot Clips - July 4th Edition

Do you remember the 10-10-10 project? This was another picture I prepared to post. The holiday theme make it an appropriate picture to post today. There are 10 blue foot paper clips and an extra Foote to find within the picture. To enlarge the picture, click on it. Good luck. Happy Forth Of July!


darlin said...

David your display is stunning! I have the same bench at the farm made from old barnwood but mine holds plants in the great outdoors. I'm in awe of the lengths you went to for this special holiday, a job well done and magnificently photographed! Happy 4th!

I remember the 10-10-10 project, this one you've got me stumped, maybe it's the lack of time on my end which makes me not spot what I'm to be in search of. I'm curious what it is now and shall return.

Scott said...

Great photo for today. I only spotted a couple of the clips but I found the other foote pretty quickly. Have a great holiday.

The Wanna Be Photographer said...

I tried but could not see all of teh I will have to try again another day. These are cool when you do them...I've enjoyed the last two.