Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where The Buffalo Roam

The free roaming buffalo on Antelope Island are great big subjects to photograph. Their size demands respect, reverence and awe! It is very exciting to be so close to them. I have seen people get out of their cars and walk closer and closer and closer to them, for a picture. Point and shoot cameras in hand most of the time. Are you crazy!
With a little patience, and a slow moving vehicle you can get close to the buffalo. These two pictures were taken at sunrise just a few days ago. With a good telephoto lens you can look them right in the eye! If you visit, stay in or close to your car and by all means watch were you step!!!


Rebecca said...

Love the 2nd shot that includes the background.

I saw a video of people almost trampled by a buffalo while they were trying to get a photo. They must be crazy!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos!

Scott said...

I wonder why we all call them Buffalo, including myself, so I'm not being critical, when actually they are Bison. I often wonder why it's not called Bison Island since they are much more of interest and a draw than the Antelope are. I hope you had a really long lens for that close up shot.

David said...

My Webster's dictiomary gives the following definition for buffalo: "any of various wild oxen, as the water buffalo of Inda, popularly the American bison". I think its called Antelpoe Island because there were antelope in large numbers on the island when it was settled. The bison came latter. We both should check on it the next time we are out there! Bison, buffalo not a big deal what you call them, so long as we get called to the table for a steak!

It's Time to Live said...

I love Antelope Island except for the fact that if you get out of your car to take a walk up the mountain there is always someone to tell you that you can't. To add to Scott comment above... Why is it Antelope Island when in fact what we call antelope are not even really antelope but Pronghorn? Good we have so many things to make us smile in this life ;)

Anonymous said...

just gotta say again how much I love your buffalo head shot. I don't get tired of looking at it.
Neat seeing you there today.

Jeff Farabee said...

Hey David! Excellent shots. I too, like the second shot better as it captures the buffalo (bison) in it's surroundings. The mountains in the background really accentuate the majesty of it all! Very nice!

Joanna Durczok said...

I love the las one with the mountains in the background! Wonderful shot :)