Monday, February 14, 2011


Wildlife is a difficult subject to photograph. The rewards are truly satisfying when you capture something that has eluded you. Antelope Island is full of wildlife. Birds, buffalo, antelope, coyotes etc... It is a great place to visit and close too.
On a resent visit, I saw a few coyotes. I knew they populated the island but had yet to see any. A few crossed the road in front of me. Others moved quickly through the tall grasses and brush like ghosts as I passed them. I was shocked and excited! The buffalo are easy to spot, big brown beasts, the coyotes, however, are elusive creatures. I could not stop the truck, or get my camera out to photograph them fast enough. I was about to leave when this coyote leaped and pounced a few time in the same area. Lunch time! I wonder if it was a roadrunner? I was ready. He poked his head up. Click! Both of us were happy, he caught lunch and I captured him!


Scott said...

Congratulations. They are hard to capture. I got one out on the ice a few weeks back, and I've heard them in the distance while on the island, but never seen them. Nice shot.

Anonymous said...

I love that place and go all the time and have seen the coyotes. It's so much fun to see them.

Anonymous said...