Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10, The Challenge And My Picture

Some time back, I issued a challenge to you, fellow bloggers, to photograph 10 things, the same or different, and post the out come on 10-10-10. That's today! If you have forgotten there is still some time. I look forward to seeing what each of you have come up with.

Do you remember this picture? It was one I posted at the beginning of the year. It is an example of the 10 things to look for in the picture that follows. Good luck!

Like the books Where's Waldo or I Spy, in this picture you will find 10 feet hidden. It is a high resolution photo, so if you need to enlarge it and zoom in on it to find all 10, you can. Some are more obvious than others but it should not be hard to find any of them.

I want to give special thanks to J&J Nursery for allowing me to use there place of business, goods and wares, for the background. I received only one or two odd looks from patrons.
I'd love to go back in the spring as the flowers bloom in the green house. I'll need a macro!

Now it is my hope to share a link of the others who are doing the 10-10-10 challenge. Please be patient with me as I up date this through the day. The following blogs have excepted the challenge and need your visit and comments:

Hope - Essence Of: Fine Art Photography
Keith - Holdingmoments
Stacey - Dawning Inspirations
Scott - Find Another View
Carrie - God's Garden of Nature in this Changing World
Karen - What Karen Sees
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Jennifer - Jennifer Photography
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P.S. There is an extra Foote in the picture, can you find it? Did you like this? Did you find all 10?I have another photograph, which I will post if requested.


Paul said...

The 11th Foote was the easiest.....Well done my friend!

Hope said...

I like what you did here.. so far I have only found 3.. "smile".. but will continue to search for the others.. great idea.. and its something different to do..
do like your reflection in the mirror..
This was fun.. thank you..

The Wanna Be Photographer said...

LOL! I keep trying and can only find 9...including that best Foote of all in the mirror. Myabe my color blindness has foiled my attempts.

holdingmoments said...

David, a great challenge. Really enjoyed yours; a challenge within a challenge. Thumbs up!

Thank you, and I had a lot of fun taking part.

Scott said...

Well I only found 5 of the little blue paper clip ones, but what a great idea for your post.

I took a different tack on it that you'll find here.

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Hey Dave I am part of the challenge and did post a 10 10 10 today. I only found 4 feet so far thats a tought one. Anyway come check out. 10 10 10 Sunflowers

darlin said...

Hi there David, I love the foot (feet), what an awesome idea. I dropped by to get a link to your post, I'm going to include it in my 10-10-10 post. :-)

Anonymous said...

Just made it!

off to bed with me...but I'll be back tomorrow to find all the feet! LOL!

Thanks for such a great challenge! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey David!!

What an awesome idea!
Love the 'set' too.

It's a bit last minute and it is now the 11th over on the east coast, but hey, it's still the 10th somewhere!

Here's my link
Also, I've included yours in my post.

Lisa said...

I sure missed the fun here.
I really love what you did and created. Most of my friends are here.
My internet has been up and down for days and then down for many hours.
Have a blessed week .

Karen said...

Very clever indeed, Dave! Thanks for the fun!