Wednesday, February 3, 2010


As of late, I have not wanted to get out in the cold and snow for pictures. Reflecting on some of my past work and being inspired by many of the blogs I follow. I had a strong desire to get out and try my hand at some wildlife photography again. The American Bald Eagle, was my choice but with no success I had to settle for a seagull and a few small ducks.

On the western side of the city Farmington there is a wild bird refuge - Farmington Bay. At times it is off limits to everyone, breading season, and other times it is opened to hunters, in the fall and only in some areas. The month of February is well known to have a large quantity of bald eagles visiting the bay. Not when I show up, of course! I did see a few but lack the large enough lens to capture them. Add it to my wish list, right!

I thought of a fellow blogger, Keith at holdingmoments an avid bird photographer who is recovering from a serious health issue, who has not been able to get out lately. I know he would love to spend time in this area, but since he can not, this one is for you Keith. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and beautiful day to get out a do what you love to do.


The Wanna Be Photographer said...

Hey Dave,

I love bird photos. This includes Seagulls and piegons which some people don't care for. Birds are awesome and you did a nice job on this panoramic style photo. It almost looks like an ocean scene.

holdingmoments said...

David, thank you so much for that.

Farmington Bay sounds a perfect place to me. I think I could happily spend some hours there.

Thanks once again David for your very kind thoughts.

Woody said...


Nice shot, I really like the reflection. This is an especially nice tribute, thanks for sharing your story.

Every Friday, James hosts a Weekend Reflection theme on his blog at This would be an excellent candidate for tomorrow.

I don't blame you for not going outside. For some reason, this year has been a challenge.

Picture Imperfect said...

What a great shot - I really like the reflection, and I love the how the gull looks contemplative. Is that possible? I don't know... but it's what *I* see. ;o)

And isn't that always the way - when you get to a place that ALWAYS has eagles... there are none? Bah! I feel your pain!

Utah Mommy said...

Amazing shot! You captured the reflection...

Anyway, i have one question, why is that, that when i try to zoom in my lens, the ISO changes by itself even though i set it to 200? I don't understand though. Sorry if i ask question here on your blog. I just have no idea about this, i forgot to ask you that question during the class. Just in case you wanna know the exposure mode is MANUAL.

Thank you so much, i learned a lot from you and i want to learn more.

James said...

Very nice shot and you are very welcome to join us with this or any reflection photo.