Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All In!

A little game of poker anyone?

With a hand like this you had better go all in!

I am not a gambling man but, you can bet it fun taking these pictures!


Melissa Papaj Photography said...

Great shots David! You really should do istock these would be great! As far as a zoom lens...how big? I have purchased most of my lenses from Pictureline because they keep them on hand most of the time...they had my 300mm 2.8 there. They also rent the 70-200mm f/2.8 (I rented it for almost a year @ $20/day until I could afford to purchase it) and you can rent a 2x extender for it too (I think) Hope this helps :)

Rebecca said...

Looks like Foote has a nice hand...sorry I couldn't resist. Perfect focus!

Woody said...

Interesting lighting - the background is pure white. Did you do anything special? I also like the range of colors with the cards and chips.

I'm not a gambling man either. I'd rather spend my $$ on photographic equipment and motorcycles.

David said...

Rebecca - foote...hand...Thanks for the laugh too!

Woody - I used white foam core board, one on the table and one as a backdrop. I have small lighting kit from westcott that I use as a ligthing source. Great fun.

Melissa - I have the 70-200mm and the 2X extender. A 200-400mm whould be nice! I'll put it on my wish list.

holdingmoments said...

Excellent focus on these David.
Especially like that second one.

Carolyn Ford said...

Love the focus! These are SO good!

Rob said...

I like this visual and depth of field. I ended my poker career long ago by betting a lot when I was dealt a full house and lost to a 3 card draw straight flush.