Monday, September 9, 2013

State Fair Entries

 Entered under the category of "Humor".
Received an honorable mention for this one.
 Entered under the category "Utah State Fair".
Received a first place ribbon for this one.
Entered under the category "Sports".
Received a second place ribbon for this one.

If you get the chance to visit the Utah State Fair this year, look of these photo. For the first time ever, I have entered the State Fair. There are lots of great entries and fun pictures. Go check it out!


Rebecca said...

Nice choices, love the 1st one. It is very unique.

Anonymous said...

Hi David.
how are ya?
great photos for the state fair. Wish I knew before I went; I'd have looked for them. How did you do?

Davine said...

Ha Ha the fisrt photo looks like the little guys ear has flown off. Love it.