Sunday, November 6, 2011

Praying Mantis

Found this little creature sneaking into the garage one day. I had my son capture it for a future photo section and we brought it into the house. We gave it a bigger home than a mason jar after a day or two. The roomer shoe box was a much more pleasing habit for the mantis. It or she left a egg sack behind in the box. What a surprise for us! With the help of my wife, surprised me too, we put the insect on a house plant. I used two different lens, a 105mm macro and a 70-200mm lens with extension tubes, to photograph the it. Depth of field was difficult to control with either set up but the detail is incredible. Ladybugs, a praying mantis, next time maybe spiders for a macro photo shoot at the kitchen table. Wife willing or out of town!


Scott said...

Love the colors and detail on these shots. Very nice.

Sorry I've been gone, my blog disappeared while I was in New England. I've put up a new one here to keep up for now.

holdingmoments said...

Excellent shots David. I love that second one.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding, David!

Anonymous said...

Awesome shot and the fact you brought a bug inside Dave.

Dave = )