Friday, September 16, 2011

Arachnid 5 of 5

Saving the best for last, this B-I-G spider really creeps me out. Brightly colored, three to four inches in length and a web as big as a house! Lets just say, I will not be walking through the sagebrush and high weeds near the lookout points and roads on Antelope Island in the dark. I don't want to pick up any hitch-hikers!


Scott said...

Boy, I have seen some big ones out there too, but none 3 or 4 inches yet (thank heaven). Got some photos last year. In the Summer and Fall Antelope Island is really crawling with spiders . . .pun intended. Enjoyed your shots of them.

Hilda R.B said...


Anonymous said...

Oh I know! We saw a porcupine in the tree Sunday and Wayne walked out there to get closer and I thought....there's no sagebrush here so I went out closer to the tree too. I was thinking the spiders all hang out in the sagebrush. So was thinking I was safe. ha. I checked myself and no spiders.