Friday, August 5, 2011

Fishing II

The campground was closed to the campers at Moose Horn Lake, but the fish were biting! There were a few anglers in the water and a family along the shore hoping to catch a rainbow or brown trout. I wish, I had brought a pole with me.
In the Uintas there is still snow on the ground in July. This year is no exception, but it was July 31st and some areas had large piles (thing of a full size four wheel drive truck large) of snow slowly melting in the lake. The water is cold and this die hard fly fisherman was right out in it. He cast a few time while I was watching him and landed a beauty. I can only imagine the story he is telling now! I hope it is a doozy!


Hope said...

I found out early in life and a fishermen is a lot like the postman.. no matter the weather. they will be out and about..
we still some snow on the highlands here.. and now that its August.. we are having rain.. yep rain.. this year.summer just does not want to be around much..

NETTE said...

Trevliga bilder. Hälsningar Janne.