Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lady Bug 3

This will be my last post of lady bugs for awhile. I hope to capture some through the summer but they may have all flown away. I see no sign of them at or near the release sight. Time will tell. I would like to photograph a child with a lady bug on their hand or arm. Little kids and the bugs they play with while outside will make for a great set of photos.
You may have noticed a change in the last few postings. A fellow blogger has had some of her work stolen, clammed, used without her permission and this has caused me to re-think posting pictures. Photography, art, paintings etc... is subjective, both to the producer of said work and those who view the work. You may like or hate it!
I have enjoyed viewing the photography and other works of art posted by bloggers from around the world. The idea of stealing, copying, or using it and claiming it for my own is unthinkable. If asked, many of us respond the same way.
I know some friends and family members have taken and used my pictures as screen savers, for their computers or phones. I may not object to this loudly and I would hope that I am given credit for it at the very least.
In the past my name has appeared at the bottom or the side of a picture. Like many of you, this is done to claim my work, yet I am still be willing to share it with others. By share I mean to view. Although my name can be cropped or photoshoped and the photograph claimed by others. I (We are) am not foolish enough to think that adding a name alone will stop it from being stolen. I believe people are good, but there are those who are not. I want to continue to post photos, inspire and be inspired by the work of others but will do it with trepidation.
My name will now appear across the subject of the photographs with the hope of frustrating those who might steal my work and use it for their own. I do not make a living from selling my pictures but believe anyone and everyone one should be compensated of for there work. Someday, I may have a photograph someone will be willing to pay for!


Jeff Farabee said...

You're so right David.I've often thought about putting my name across the subject in order to deter would be photo thieves but have yet to do so. I suppose in a way it's a form of flattery but yes, definitely not an acceptable form. I seem to have the same problem with family members though more in the tone of free or at least very cheap family pictures. Oh well, what are we to do?
As far as your pictures go, I'm digging these! They're great shots- I think that I like the top one of today's post the best.

holdingmoments said...

Agree with all you say David. Such a shame some people feel the need to steal, or even claim the picture is their own. A low resolution image, at least restricts the 'printing' potential.

The images? I think the first is a stunner.

Rebecca said...

Wow, what gorgeous colors and perfect focus in these shots. I love them both.

So sad all this photo stealing. I agree with you. I like the way your name is very subtle, so you can still see the photo and enjoy it. I do like your work as I am sure many other do as well. Hopefully they won't steal it!

John's Arts & Crafts said...

Great blog & photos! New Blog on the Hx. of the ladybug: http://historyoftheladybug.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

ARGH! I am very upset on your friend's behalf. Stealing someone's work is so LAME. Ugh.

I've been wanting to paste a copyright across the middle of my images too...yet I hesitate to only because it detracts from the image, which of course is the point of doing that so you'll hopefully deter thieves.


Your photos are very much of the sell-able variety - especially stock, so make that copyright huge! LOL!

I might be posting something very similar on my own blog soon.

Anyways, glad you are going to keep posting, I'd miss your blog! :)

I'm loving that wide angle still - it's a dream!

Scott said...

Your lady bug photos are great. I guess I'm particularly impressed because I tried to get some a couple weeks ago and failed miserably. I really like these.

calinutz78 said...

just beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

David...I quoted you. :)

Krista said...

These shots are magnificent David! I love the depth of focus you used.

I couldn't agree more about the photo thefts. It's unthinkable. You have my full support on the watermark; I've started doing the same. Good luck!

ps - you've got some great marketable shots for sure!!!