Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Might Sting!

I recently visited the doctor to have a mole removed. I was going to ask the doctor if I could take a picture, (the one you see is what I had in mind) he noticed I had a camera with me and asked if it was mine. This made it very easy to explain what I wanted to do. With his permission and one shot, literally and photographically, the mole was removed. If you get squeamish around needles I'm sorry. Some people are hysterically frightened by them! Are you one of those people?


Chef E said...

I love this shot! lol, I do look away when there is a needle coming at me or blood is taken!

Anonymous said...

Cool shot!!

['รด ] Avery

Anonymous said...

Great photo! I hate needles when they are going to be going into my body.

Oh heck, I can't watch anyone getting stuck.

Speaking of stinging, I got stung by a bee today. Ow.

Susan I said...

Great shot. I love the drop coming off the end of the needle. This shot might be terrorizing for those who hate them. Needles don't really bother me. Good idea for a shot. Sometimes I take my camera places but don't get up the nerve to ask if it is okay to get a picture.

holdingmoments said...

I don't like needles, but had so many just recently I've kinda got used to 'em lol

Love this shot David. Hope the mole removal was painless.

Rebecca said...

Ha ha. I don't have a problem with needles unless they are intended for me! Great 'shot'.