Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday Drive

What did you do on Sunday? I, took one last look at the change of colors. In the mountains high above the cities of Farmington and Bountiful, Utah, there is a dirt road labeled "Sky View Drive". Wow, what a view! The road is not so bad, a car or mini van can easily take the drive. There was some snow and mud on road, so I am sure there are times of the year when a truck or 4X4 will be better. Four-wheelers and motorcycles seems to be the preferred way to travel. Several folks were enjoying the view from this method. During the drive, we came across a few small ponds. One was built by a very hard working beaver. Several pictures taken there, including one with a dog. I will post that one later, along with some picture of a small stream or creek.


Gardendiggers said...

That space... I was always sure that freedom has colour :-)

Marka said...

A beautiful drive, a beautiful day for a drive, and beautiful scenery! A photographer could not ask for much more.