Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Picked Just For You

I have not given up shooting flowers totally.
D200, 70-200mm lens, f/5.6, 1/200 sec., and ISO 400.


Ashley said...

This is a wonderful image. I am glad you haven't given up flowers completely!

Just Jame said...

I love your perspective on this shot! it's better than a straight on shot looking down. The deep green really makes the petals pop. beautiful

EfigĂȘnia Coutinho said...

David, here is flower in my parents, are well known and have name of person is called MARGARIDA, beautiful photo, my regards,
with admiration,
EfigĂȘnia Coutinho

Gardendiggers said...

That's interesting - here, in Poland, this flower is also known as Margarytka or Margaretka :-)
Fine light and colour - delicate but expressive. Like it.

calinutz78 said...

lovely shots on your blog. i keep the eyes on you