Sunday, April 19, 2009

What A Wreck! Part V

Miller Motorsports Park is an AWESOME place to shoot. It is one of my favorite place to go for action shots. Today, I was at the right place and the right time to capture a wreck. Secretly, I have always wanted to see one. I know that is bad, and I really don't want to see someone hurt. But it was cool and I got it! The rider's name is Mark, and he only suffered a sore wrist. The motorcycle, however, not so lucky. Better luck next time!


Minnette said...

Ouch! That hurt just looking at those images. I was glad to see him standing in the end.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! My name is Angie, I'm Mark's sister. Those are some great shots of the wreck! It's amazing he came out so well going down at 104 mph! (thank heavens!) I was wondering if it would be all right if I could use them to post on Mark's racing blog? I would also like to give you credit for the pictures on his blog, if that is all right with you. Please let me know. You can check out Mark's blog at
Thank you!